Advanced Methods in Biostatistics IV - Regression Modeling

Advanced Methods in Biostatistics IV covers topics in modern multivariate regression from estimation theoretic, likelihood-based, and Bayesian points of view. The course will cover extensions of these methods to correlated data using generalized estimating equations. The course will also cover more advanced topics for modern high-dimensional analysis, including sparse regression (Lasso), methods for higher order interactions (CART), and high-dimensional multiple testing.


4/25/11 Class tomorrow (Tues. 4/26) will begin at 10:10AM. Roger Peng will be there to discuss the story behind his JAMA publication.
4/21/11 A new version of the Lecture 7 slides have been posted for today's lecture. The new slides have a different tip/paper for today and have added some material.
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4/11/11 New lecture notes (w/page numbers) have been posted.
4/11/11 Last week's reading homework is due 4/12/11 before the beginning of class. All future reading assignments will be due the Tuesday after they are assigned in class. Sorry for the confusion!
3/31/11 : Homework 1 is Posted Below. The assignment is due by 10:30AM on April 12th. Email your assignment with title ``hw#-last_first.pdf'' to jfeder ``at''
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Class Times

Tuesday 10:30 - 11:50am
Thursday 10:30 - 11:50am


Class: Wolfe W4007


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Final Project

Due Date: May 20th, 5pm

Lecture Slides and Readings

Mar 29 (Tues): Course overview, revision of key concepts, estimating equations, and the "sandwich"
Slides:Lecture 1
Reading Assignment 1 - Due April 5th 10:30AM Reading HW1
Corresponding Paper: Glynn et al. (2008) JRSS-A Glynn

Mar 31 (Thurs): An example of EE, adding assumptions, mean models, quasi-likelihood
Slides:Lecture 2
Homework 1 - Due April 12th 10:30AM HW1.pdf

April 5 (Tues): Efficiency, example of quasi-likelihood, likelihood
Slides:Lecture 3
Reading Assignment 2 - Due April 12th 10:30AM Reading HW2
Corresponding Paper: Peng et al. (2008) JAMA Peng

April 7 (Thurs): Likelihood details, model checking, interactions
Slides:Lecture 4

April 12 (Tues): Interactions, likelihood special cases (case-control, log-linear)
Slides:Lecture 5
Reading Assignment 3 - Due April 19th 10:30AM Reading HW3
Corresponding Papers: Tatem et al. (2004) Nature Tatem
Replies (2004) Nature Replies
Homework 2 - Due April 26th 10:30AM HW2.pdf

April 14 (Thurs): Log-linear, motivating vector outcomes, EE's for vector outcomes
Slides:Lecture 6

April 19 (Tues): EE's for vector outcomes, GEE
Slides:Lecture 7

Reading Assignment 4 - Due April 26th 10:30AM Reading HW4
Corresponding Papers: Liang and Zeger (1986) Biometrika Liang and Zeger

April 21 (Thurs): GEE
Slides:Lecture 7 (updated) - This is an updated version of Lecture 7 with more slides/a different tip and paper.

April 26 (Tues): Earthquake analysis
Slides:Lecture 8

Reading Assignment 5 - Due May 3rd 10:30AM Reading HW5
Corresponding Paper: Felsenstein (1985) Evolution Felsenstein

April 28 (Thurs): Bootstrap intro
Slides:Lecture 9

May 3 (Tues): Hypothesis testing/permutation/bootstrap
Slides:Lecture 10

Homework 3 - Due May 17 10:30AM HW3.pdf

May 5 (Thurs): More bootstrap
Slides:Lecture 10 (updated) - This is an updated version of Lecture 10 with more slides/a different tip and paper

May 10 (Tues): Multiple hypothesis testing, Empirical Bayes, Bias-variance tradeoff
Slides:Lecture 11

Final Project - Due May 20 5:00PM Project Description
Flights Data
Data Description
Final Project Template (Optional) , Style file for template , Bibtex style file, Sample Bibtex file

May 12 (Thurs): Ridge regression, lasso, cross-validation
Slides:Lecture 12

May 17 (Tues): Bayesian methods/health risks of environmental exposures (Guest Lecture by Jennifer Bobb)
Slides:Bayesian methods

May 19 (Thurs): SVD/PCA
Slides:Lecture 13

Data Sets

Dental Growth Data - The girls are the first 11 rows