R Lab 6

Download the source code for the lab: rlab6-epigenetics.R

This .R file can be used to go through some simple analyses epigenetic data for Illumina and CHARM platforms.
The data for the lab can be accessed here:
forJeffDataGenomics.rda (Illumina Data)
These are big files, make sure you right click and "Save As"

If you haven't installed SVA you can download and install the latest versions from here: sva_2.1.0.tar.gz (Mac/Unix Version)
sva_2.1.0.zip (Windows Version)
To install SVA, download the appropriate file, start R and change your working directory to the directory with the file, then use the command:


Replace "sva_2.1.0.tar.gz" with "sva_2.0.0.zip" if you are on a windows computer. Return to the course webpage .