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SEPTEMBER 2010 to MAY 2011

(unless otherwise noted, all seminars are at 4 PM in Room W2030 of the BSPH Bldg)





Inference for Dynamic Treatment Regimes

Susan Murphy
Institute for Social Research and Department of Statistics
University of Michigan

9/15/10 Cross-sectional Observations of Simple Counting Processes

Nick Jewell
Departments of Biostatistics and Statistics
University of California, Berkeley

9/22/10 Changes in Health Status During Aging: A Stochastic Modeling Approach to the Dynamics of the Frailty Index

Arnold Mitnitski
Geriatricks Medicine Research
Dalhousie University
Halifax, Nova Scotia

9/29/10 Assembling and Aligning DNA Sequences from Next-generation Sequencers Steven Salzberg
Department of Computer Science
University of Maryland
10/6/10 Biomarkers as Networks, Not Individual Loci Trey Ideker
Division Chief of Genetics
Departments of Medicine and Bioengineering
University of California, San Diego
10/13/10 Sensitivity Testing for Nonidentifiable Models, with Application to Longitudinal Data with Noninformative Dropout Jason Fine
Department of Biostatistics
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
10/20/10 False Discovery Rates and Copy Number Variation Bradley Efron
Department of Statistics
Stanford University
10/27/10 Functional Data Analysis, Causal Inference and Brain Connectivity Martin Lindquist
Department of Statistics
Columbia University
11/3/10 Inference for Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors of Diffusion Tensors

Armin Schwartzman
Department of Biostatistics
Harvard University

11/10/10 Using Joint Longitudinal-Survival Models for Individual Prediction and Estimation of Treatment Effects Jeremy Taylor
Department of Biostatistics
University of Michigan

The Conservatism of Bonferroni for a Large Number of Nearly Independent Comparisons

Michael Proschan
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
National Institutes of Health

11/24/10 Thanksgiving Break  
12/1/10 Analysis of Rolling Group Therapy Data Using Conditionally Autoregressive Priors Susan Paddock
Senior Statistician, Statistics Group
The Rand Corporation
12/8/10 A Non-Parametric Approach to Multi-SNP GWAS Knut Wittkowski
Experimental Design and Biostatistics
The Rockefeller University

Grand Rounds*

The Role of Stochastic Epigenetic Variation in Evolution, Cancer, and Common Disease

*Grand Rounds begin at 3:45 PM



Rafael Irizarry
Department of Biostatistics

Johns Hopkins University

Andrew Feinberg
Department of Oncology and Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics

Johns Hopkins University

Dani Fallin
Department of Epidemiology

Johns Hopkins University

12/22/10 - 1/23/10 Winter Break  
1/12/11 Hierarchical Bayesian modeling of zero-inflated longitudinal patient-reported outcomes and survival
Laura Hatfield
University of Minnesota
2/2/11 Latent Space Models for Networks Using Aggregated Relational Data

Tyler McCormick

Department of Statistics

Cornell University

2/9/11 Meta Analysis of Functional Neuroimaging Data via Bayesian Spatial Point Processes

Jian Kang

Department of Biostatistics

University of Michigan

2/16/11 Covariance Matrix Estimation via Convex Optimization: Theory, Methods, Algorithms and Applications

Xi Luo

Department of Statistics

University of Pennsylvania

2/23/11 Personalized Genomic Medicine: Latent Variable Models for Assessing Individual Drug Sensitivity and for Predicting Hereditary Disease Risk

W. Evan Johnson

Department of Statistics

Brigham Young University

3/16/11 The Regulation of Gene Expression Levels in Mammals

John Marioni

European Molecular Biology Laboratory
European Bioinformatics Institute

3/21/11 - 3/25/11 Spring Break  
3/30/11 Single-Index Signal Regression 

Brian Marx

Department of Experimental Statistics

Louisiana State University

4/13/11 Improved Double-robust Estimation in Missing Data and Causal Inference Models Andrea Rotnitzky
Department of Biostatistics
Harvard University
4/20/11 Grand Rounds*

Wearable Computing in Epidemiology: Predicting Activity Type from Accelerometer Data

*Grand Rounds begin at 3:45 PM

Ciprian Crainiceanu

Department of Biostatistics

Johns Hopkins University


Brian Caffo

Department of Biostatistics

Johns Hopkins University


Thomas Glass

Department of Epidemiology

Johns Hopkins University

4/27/11 Bayesian Borrowing of Information Across High-dimensional Exposures and Outcomes

Amy Herring

Gillings School of Global Public Health

University of North Carolina

5/4/11 Genomics and Documentation in Clinical Trials: Some Cautionary Tales Keith Baggerly
Department of Statistics
Rice University
(Joint with Center for Clinical Trials)


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