Statistics for Laboratory Scientists - Some R Resources

The Repository

CRAN  In particular, check out the links under "Documentation", i.e. → Documentation → Manuals etc.

The Interface

R Studio

Getting Started

Getting started with R and R Studio video.

SWIRL - learn R in R.

Basic functionality in R.

Roger's installation videos.

Roger's R environment videos.

Alyssa Frazee's R in an hour.

Michael Love's R Studio introduction video download [ 22MB ].

The Manual

Introduction to R (CRAN)

Other R Resources

Andrew Jaffe's Introduction to R for Public Health Researchers.

R reference card.

R markdown reference card.

A (very) short introduction to R

Peter Dalgaard's book via Springerlink.

John Verzani's SimpleR

John Verzani's SimpleR notes - to run some of the examples in John Verzani's notes, it is helpful to install his R package:

> install.packages("UsingR")

> library(UsingR)

Karl Broman's R Page.

The Introduction to R course from DataCamp.